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Student Association (SA)

Provides governance for the student body at Elmira College. Members include an seven-member Executive Council elected each spring, and a senator representing each student organization.

Class Officers

Provide leadership and schedule activities for your specific class year. 

Dorm Councils

Provide leadership for each dorm.

Finance Board

Approves student organization expenditures. President and Vice-President elected during Term II.Members selected by application and interview process.

Judicial Board

Hears student judicial cases. Chief Justice and Associate Chief Justice are elected in the spring of each year and in addition to providing leadership to the Judicial Board, they serve as the student representatives to the College Discipline Committee. Three representatives are elected by each class.

Multicultural Center Executive Board

Provides leadership and represents other student organizations on campus, including Active Minds, Anthropology Club, Black Student Union, Students Against Sexism and Stereotypes (SASS), and PRIDE.

Student Alumni Council (SAC)

Bridges the gap between alumni and students on campus.