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Twin Towers

The Twin Towers were opened in 1967 and 1968.

Serving as upper-class residence halls, there are eight floors in each tower. Each floor has four suites, each with a common room, two doubles and a single. The buildings each have four pantries where students can cook and eat. The main lounge, which is also the main entrance to the building has a large TV, piano, and bean bag chairs, as well as traditional seating, which students use for studying and hanging out with friends. Downstairs, there is a second lounge space with a TV, which students predominantly use for watching movies with friends.

Quick Facts:

  • Two connected eight story buildings making it the largest student residence on campus
  • Houses 382 upper-class men and women on co-ed floors
  • Pantries and lounges located on all even numbered floors
  • Suite style living option - Five to a suite with two doubles and a single and a common room
  • Two laundry rooms and two lounge spaces
  • One elevator located in the center of each Tower