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Individual Counseling
Short term counseling is offered to help you address issues that affect your ability to be happy or succeed at Elmira College. The focus of counseling is determined by you and your counselor. We encourage you to make an appointment to see whether counseling may be of benefit to you.

Couples counseling, individual and group consultation, and conflict mediation services are available as well.

Medical and Psychiatric Treatment
A student is referred for a medical or psychiatric consultation when a counselor determines that the student could benefit from medication. Medication in combination with counseling is often the most helpful treatment option for severe cases of anxiety and depression.

Combined Care
Counselors and nurses work closely with community colleagues to provide a holistic approach to the identification and treatment of eating disorders (Upstate New York Eating Disorder Service), alcohol and drug abuse, and other major issues.

Medical Leaves of Absence for Mental Health Reasons
When a student’s ability to function academically, personally or safely becomes significantly compromised, the Counseling Department will assist the student and the student’s family by coordinating a medical leave of absence (MLOA).

Either Elmira College or the student may initiate a medical leave of absence for mental health reasons

The time a student is on MLOA must be used for treatment and recovery. Each student is provided with expectations for treatment while away on leave. Additional treatment and recovery recommendations are often made by the student’s primary medical and-or mental health provider(s). Compliance with treatment expectations and recommendations is a primary factor in the College’s eventual decision whether to clear a student for return to campus.

The amount of time students remain on medical leave varies depending on circumstances such as complexity of treatment recommendations and length of recovery. If a student’s leave lasts for one year the College will, with input from the student, evaluate the status of the leave and make adjustments as needed. If we are unable to contact or communicate with the student after one year, the student’s status will be changed from MLOA to withdrawn from the College.