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One of the unique features of Elmira College is our special 6-week third term in April and May. The college offers many special learning opportunities in Term III, allowing students to do immersive and intensive work in a number of different fields. Education students can do student teaching. Nursing students have the opportunity for clinical work. Many students elect to travel internationally for the term. In fact, Elmira College classes go to as many as nine different countries each year.

Some special opportunities during Term III include:

  • A class in marine and island ecology in the Bahamas
  • The chance to participate in an archeological dig at important national historical sites
  • A class that studies Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, capped with a trip to the Galapagos Islands
  • Immersion Spanish language classes in Peru or Spain
  • The opportunity to study American women's history through the art of quilt-making
  • A fly-fishing class that teaches freshwater stream ecology
  • A class that uses chemistry techniques to teach cooking and baking
  • Field botany and field biology
  • The opportunity to learn basic philosophical concepts through the study of zombie literature and films
  • A chance to study Sociology in Brazil, South Africa, or India
  • Personal investment classes
  • The opportunity to travel to Great Britain as part of a culture and history class
  • A course on comic books and graphic novels
  • A Psychology class focused on sleep and dreaming
  • Ballroom dancing classes
  • Writing and poetry seminars
  • A class that travels to Australia to study natural history
  • The chance to study the Anthropology of body art and body-modification
  • The ability to learn classical history while studying in Greece, Turkey, or Egypt
  • A seminar on Mark Twain's life and writings

These special study options are designed to enhance traditional coursework through innovative and adventurous approaches to learning.