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An Elmira College liberal arts education provides you with opportunities to explore the world beyond, transforming you into a responsible global citizen and leader prepared for a lifetime of personal growth.

At Elmira College, you are more than just a number, and our liberal arts curriculum and unique academic programs assure that you are actively involved in your own learning and development from the very start to the very end of your four years here. From your first Academic Writing and First-Year Seminar classes during Freshman Orientation to your Community Engagement and Internship later in your career, your time at Elmira College will be filled with unique opportunities designed to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and help you develop interpersonal skills vital to success in any profession. At Elmira College, you will find a supportive environment of faculty, administrators, and other students who are genuinely interested in working with you and helping you succeed. Completing the requirements for a degree at Elmira College assures that you will be ready to take on the challenges of being a leader in today's fast-paced multicultural world.