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Admissions Plan For Whom When to Apply (postmark) Notification from EC Candidate Reply Date
Early Action Fall Semester Only Students who want to receive an admission decision early* Nov 1 Nov 15 May 1
Regular Decision If you are applying to multiple of colleges** Rolling admissions May 1 May 1
Transfer Admission 12 or More Credits If you will have completed four or more transferable college-level courses before entering Elmira Rolling admissions July 1 July 15
International Student Admission If you are not a U. S. citizen and you are not a permanent resident of the United States June 1 July 1 July 15
January Admission First Time and Transfer If you plan to matriculate in the semester beginning in January instead of September Dec 1 Dec 30 Jan 3

*This is not a binding admission plan

**Elmira College operates on rolling admissions. If you have questions regarding whether we are still accepting applications, please call us at (800) 935-6472